Terrain Mapping

Drones and Photogrammetry make a great team!

We have been building 3D models for quiet a while now and have streamlined our operation to optimise turnaround time whilst empowering the client with a mature toolset for independent inspection and measurement tasks. 

Traditional terrain surveys take time to carry out and require the survey team to access every part of the site which is rarely convenient and sometimes they even need to be escorted. When we carry out a terrain survey, we only need to visit a few spots on the site and then the rest is done from the air. We operate from the safety of our mobile ground station which is a comfortable self-contained site vehicle and workspace.
The data is checked & collated on-site and when it has been processed we inform the client that the model is ready. 

The portal toolset provides facilities to carry out:

  • contour heat maps
  • slope heat maps
  • feature marking and annotation tools
  • illustrated reporting
  • share documentation
  • upload your design surfaces for comparison measurements
  • cut, fill & net volume calculations
  • differential volume calculations (across time)
  • step-cut volumetric calculations typically for blast planning
  • linear measurements
  • area measurements
  • grade measurements

Volumetric Measurement

Measure stockpiles, cut and fill volumes.

Slope heat-map

Quickly identify face grades for compliance.

Blast Planning

Measure stockpiles, cut and fill volumes.

Contour heat-map

Quickly identify flood risks & fill opportunities.

Grade Measurement

Monitor haul road grades, bund heights, road widths & clearance distances.


Produce shareable annotation reports.

If you would like to know more, then please get in touch

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  • Hello@Eurocore.Net