Demolition & Blasting Videography

Drones are a great platform for videography!

Until recently, it’s been rather impractical to take high-speed video footage of a demolition blast from the air; it’s been almost impossible to position a camera at just the right height and distance to take an Ultra High Definition video of the moment that the explosives ignite. Modern drones can be placed in such locations to gather spectacularly compelling images. 

Traditional surface shot footage just doesn’t have the same drama and feels dated and old fashioned. We can fly around a structure as it is being demolished giving the whole experience even more dynamism as the video plays out and the structure collapses. 

We can put several drones in the air to capture the action from many aerial positions as well as deploying cameras on the ground to capture traditional perspectives. Sometimes we will even deploy a few expendable cameras really close up in an attempt to get far too close! 


Capturing the very moment…!


Flying alongside the action


Flying right above the action




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