Asset Inspection & Mapping

Drones make inspection tasks quick, easy & safe!

We can map and record the condition of all manner of assets such as sea defences, cell towers, boundary fences, roads, transmission infrastructure, outdoor lighting etc. without having to put anybody in danger. 

We can plan a route and an inspection pattern for each asset and send a drone to collect the data, then we can share all that data along with any other task specific documentation via our portal which provides an intuitive 3D interface for deskbound asset inspection and documentation. 

Most other inspection companies restrict their customers to a 2D view of our 3D world, we believe that using a 3D interface is a much more intuitive and functional method of inspection, being able to rotate the asset on the screen and then drill into the image detail and add annotations directly onto a specific point on the images is far better than simply adding footnotes to a photograph. 

Our portal allows us to stack datasets up by date which permits the inspector to look back over previous inspections to assess rates of decline, erosion, decay etc. or conversely, the rate of growth or repair etc. 

The toolbox can be used directly by the client, so you can run reports and take measurements whenever you like and as often you like, we will even host the data for as long as you like.

Our Customer Portal

The toolset that is our customer portal permits our customers to inspect their assets using a 3D virtual model to help the user better understand the position & orientation of the camera when each photo was taken; the portal allows the user to seamlessly move from one image to another with both the 3D model and the zoomable image on the screen at the same time. The user is free to apply annotation markers & notes and then issue reports in a variety of formats.

  • linear & area measurements
  • feature marking and annotation tools
  • illustrated reporting
  • share documentation

Safe & Comfortable Mobile Workspace

We operate from a customised transit van which is fitted with clean mains electricity, a wired & wireless ethernet network, practical & variable lighting, two seated workstations and one standing desk.
The vehicle also has a an Intel i7 based dual-screen computer, an industrial grade 4G diverse wireless internet connection, a large client-end monitor for observing the down-link feed, we even have a fridge & hot drinks machine & warn air heating which are supported by a 3.5kw inverter generator.

If you would like to know more, then please get in touch

  • 0113 287 7002
  • Hello@Eurocore.Net